lift and extract tool

I shot a clip for my video that had bad camera work on either end of the clip, but in the middle was something that i really needed to tell my story.  I thought I might have to shoot again but then I realized Adobe has tons of simple commands that help users out.  To lift or extract a piece of your clip you first need to mark the area which you want to get rid of.

This can be done simply by marking your first location with “In” .  There is a click option on the program monitor three button to the left of the play button.  Click there and mark your “In” location.  Next Mark your out location.  The “Out” marker button is to the right of the “In” button marker.  Once you set your parameter you can ether lift or extract.

Lift and extract are right next to each other on the opposite end of the program monitor.  Both commands do nearly the same thing for you.  Lift will lift the highlited area out of your timeline and extract will lift and slide either side of the split clip together.  There you go! Thanks to this simple trick you can shed the fat from your clips and keep the meat




~ by krystalseth on December 11, 2012.

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