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So, you’ve just finished crafting your video on premiere, well nearly.   You might want to add some rolling credits to give thanks to the people that helped you, or add a title/intro to your piece.  These come in handy because it lets the viewer know what the piece is called and who helped you with the video, since rarely are videos done singularly.

The first thing to do is click “Title” in the menu bar.   This will bring down a drop down menu with the option “New Title”.  So click that, because that’s the option you need.  From there click “Default Roll..”.  A window will pop up and you can name your rolling credits file.  It’s very important for organizationally purposes to name your files appropriately.  After you hit “ok”  your file will be saved.  Also, a different window will pop up.  Now you can edit your credits.

Click the text emblem “T” towards the top left of the window.  WIth the mouse you can click and drag over the area in the credits box where you want the text to be.  For mine I dragged over the entire area.  Once you do that you can choose a font that matches your videos style and theme.  now, type your credits.

Once you fill up the space you may notice that text is no longer showing up.  This is normal.  Despite not being able to see the text you’re typing, it is still showing up.  What you need  to do to see it is hold down CONTROL for the PC and  COMMAND for the Mac.  Now you’ll start to see little double arrows appear at the outer edges of the text box area.  Once you’re holding the command key down (mac) you can click the double arrow and scroll to see more of you text.

Once you have your text formatted how you want it, you want to access the “Roll/Crawl” options.  This button is located in the top left just underneath the “Title:Credits” drop down menu, right in the middle of the three options represented by pictures.  Hover over it and it will show you which button you are clicking.  Once you find it a new box will open.  From here you can select whether you want “Rolling Credits” (which you do), still credits, or crawling credits.  The crawlers travel left to right across the screen or right to left. You also have other options.  You can select whether you want the titles to start off screen and how fast you want them to accelerate, or slow down.  The post roll option will allow the last section of your credits to sit on screen for as long as you want them to.  Try messing around with some of these settings to find the effect that works for your situation.  Remember, the numbers you type in are frames, not seconds.  So 25 frames equals a second.


So, after you hit ok, the credits file you created will be on the left side of premiere in with the other video clips you imported to edit.  You can simply drag the credits file into your timeline wherever you’d like it.  You can put it over top of your video, at the end, or at the beginning.  YOu can also drag the file out, once it is on your timeline.  This will be necessary to make your credits roll at a reasonable rate.  Otherwise they will go too fast.

There you have it, professional style credits for your video.



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