Making a Machinima Part 3: Recording audio

Now that you have your video clips, it’s time to narrate. Many machinima makers record all their sound themselves, but you can get more interesting sound if you use multiple people’s voices. Just make sure that all your sound is recorded under the same conditions.


You’ll need a quiet space to record. Any sound-capturing program will do — Adobe Audition or Audacity are good choices because of their ability to reduce any unwanted noise. And, of course, you’ll need some sort of microphone. If yours picks up too much noise – for instance, mine catches hard vowels – try putting a stocking over the mouthpiece or holding it farther away from your face.


As you record, make sure you save with easy-to-find file names. You will likely have many pieces of audio that you need to piece together, and you will save a lot of time if you can find them easily.


Now, let’s put it all together.


For the Noobs,

Mollie Durkin


~ by molliedurkin on December 12, 2012.

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