Blending Images Within Photos

When making strange photos, sometimes you want to blend two strange photos together. But what if you don’t want to blend the entire photo, just one part of it? There are multiple ways to do this, but here is how I do it:

1. Begin with the subordinate photo, i.e. the one that only part of will be showing:


2. Create a new layer and paste the image that you would like as the dominant photo:


3. Now, select the area you would like to blend, and cut (ctrl+x or command+x) the selection so that the background image shows through. Create a new layer so that you can paste the selection onto the new layer by itself:


4. Right click the new layer, select “blending options” at the very top:


5. Under “General Blending” you can change the opacity of the layer:


And now you have two perfectly blended photos:


Obviously you can also mess around with other blending options. It’s a very simple process that took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out. But now you know!

– Melissa


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  1. I found your post extremely helpful. For someone who is the polar opposite of tech-savy, your pictures and step-by-step directions made the process of “blending” seem a lot less difficult. I liked how the pictures and steps worked together chronologically, so if I were to attempt “blending” I would easily be able to bounce back and forth between the blog and photoshop without losing my place. The only issue I had with your post was when you said “here is how I do it”, because it made me feel as though I wasn’t learning the “correct” way per se.

    Overall, for a process that you said took hours to figure out, you made “blending” appear like something I may actually be able to do, which says a lot.

    -Sarah Cinski

  2. This blog post was styled the best, as it has a picture-by-picture guide to what exactly you need to do to achieve this effect.
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