Third Times the Charm

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “the third times the charm”….

Web design and html are all completely new concepts for me, so everything we’ve had to do for class I’ve done in baby steps.  This week my website went from black and white to blue and orange, and let’s just say the change was not an easy one.

After creating a .css page to format my web page slightly, I had to add the hex codes for the different color variations I wanted.  After deciding which color template to use I linked my .css with my index.html and hit refresh on my website url.  To my unfortunate surprise my website appeared completely unchanged.  I proceeded to obsessively check my coding to make sure I hadn’t made any spelling errors, but still I could find nothing. I then created a second .css named “take two” and again linked it with my index.html.  Carefully, I re-typed my entire .css page and crossed my fingers that my website would appear colorful, but again…nothing.

In a cry of desperation I made a third .css titled “WORK NOW” and used regular html color codes instead of html5 to see if my issue was with linking or with my .css codes.  Suddenly my website was colorful, and my problem was discovered, or so I thought.  I then substituted the color codes for html5 hex codes yet my website once again appeared white.

Just as I was about to give up and smash my head into the computer Frank uncovered the true issue…I didn’t have a # sign in front of my hex codes…

Sarah Cinski


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  1. This is a common issue run into by beginners in the field of web development. The key here is to know the proper syntax for what you are attempting to do, wether it be resize a font or change the color.

    For colors, if your color is a straight color such as “blue”, “orange” or “red” you can simply write the word in your .css file, where as Hex is user for more advanced color blending.

    The takeaway from the blog post should be to verify your syntax before re-attempting an overhaul.

    -Zack Hall

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