Faking it Until You Make It: Photoshop CS6

Faking it Until You Make It: Photoshop CS6

For this strange photo project I knew that I had to use Photoshop CS6 . This is a program  I am unfamiliar with and I didn’t want to have to watch a whole bunch of tutorials to understand it. So I decided to play around with the program myself to see and with a little bit of Google and some common knowledge I ended up with a pretty cool picture. The following is a couple of cool things I did to get my self oriented to Abode Photshop CS6.

Step 1- Open CS6

Find Photoshop CS6 and open the program.

Opening screen of Photoshop

Step 2 – Make a copy

It seems instinctual to immediately go to the file menu and upload their picture.

If you did that ,slap yourself on the wrist because you have forgotten the golden rule.

Always, Always, Always make a copy first on any image you will edit.

To make a copy:

1. Find and open your image on your computer.

2. Go to File -> Duplicate.

Make a copy

Once you have your duplicate go to File  then  Save

file save

Next Rename the file so you can differentiate it from your original.


Step 3-Open the file in Photoshop and start exploring!

The first thing I did was run across the different menu tabs and see what I could do . I started with the tab Filter and noticed a lot of cool editing effects.

Step 4- Using an Effect

Notice that a selection tool shaped like a square was already selected and this is what you should be using (at least for beginners like myself.)


With the selection tab I selected an area of my picture to edit then went my Filter tab.

Step 5- Applying the effect

Under the Filter tab you will see many options of cool things to do and the one I clicked was Distort-> Twirl  .

Twirl Tool

Once you are in the effects box, toggle with the angle and see what you like!

Final Product 


Now this is just simple Photoshop and it will give you an idea of where to start. Though this is good for starting up , it will not suffice when you are trying to make a more complicated photo. So definitely Check out some tutorials. If you look hard enough you can even find some on this blog.

-Nikki Abban


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