How to jump to a section in HTML

If you wanted to make a long webpage and jump to a specific section this is how you would do it.

First figure out where you want to put the link you where you want to jump TO and make a link with this tag

<a name=”name”></a>

So right now you have named this line “name” and you could have text in between the <a></a> tags but you don’t necessarily need it because you are just naming the line.  Next you are going to figure out where you want to jump FROM. So traditionally you would probably be jumping from the top of your page and going down to another section. So the link tag for the beginning would be this for this situation.

<a href=”#name”>Link to jump to section</a>

Here you do need to have some sort of text in between the <a></a> tags because there is going to be a link created and that is what you are going to click on to jump to the desired section. Also don’t forget the pound sign.

Let’s go Buffalo

– Paul Pezzimenti

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  1. Overall, I think this is a useful piece of information for website development. It’s something that can often be overlooked, but prove to be useful whenever dealing with a length webpage. I don’t feel that it was necessary to provide images, a visual example could never hurt(I’m guilty of this as well).

    This post does a sufficient job of keeping the process description easy to understand,and breaks it down into manageable steps. Also, this post provides the exact code and syntax, and it is well separated from the rest of the instructions. Acknowledgment of a few common user errors is also provided, which I think can often save a lot of time as well. Just be sure to proofread your post.

    -Frank Dyska

  2. Best Info-

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