Obtaining a Comic-Like Effect

For my project, I wanted to be able to mock the stylings of comic books.  Using a tutorial, I found a technique that works well to achieve this affect.

1. Open your image using Photoshop.

2. Duplicate the background and name the new one “Grain”

3. On the new layer, select Filter->Filter Gallery->Film Grain. Set the Grain to 5 and the Intensity to 10.

4. Set the blending mode of the new layer to “Darken.”

5. Once again, duplicate the background layer.  Name the new one “Pixelate.”

6. On the new layer, choose Filter->Pixelate->Color Halftone.  Set the Max Radius between 4 and 8, depending on the size of your image, and leave the other defaults.

7. Merge all of the layers into the background, and once again duplicate the layer.  On this new layer, right click and select Blending Options.  From here, select stroke, then select “inside” and play with the radius to give your picture a comic-esque border.

8. To add text, simply create a rectangle with your desired color, and then give it the “stroke” effect mentioned above. Use font Comic Sans MS for comic text.

The result, if followed correctly, should look like this:


Marc-Andre Fleury


Marc-Andre Fleury

-Zack Hall


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2 Responses to “Obtaining a Comic-Like Effect”

  1. This post is pretty clear and I feel as if this would help me if I wanted to do this effect. I like how there is a step by step so if you get lost you know where you were in the post. There is not any confusing parts to me in this post I feel like I could do this no problem if I just had to use this post.

    -Paul Pezzimenti

  2. Best Overall –
    Aisha H

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