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Photoshop effects…
For my strange photo, I decided to use a simple photo of fried eggs in a pan…

I wanted to add animated faces to the picture to make it humorous. So, I took two shots of myself on my webcam:


After my pics were done, I opened all the images into Photoshop.

Subsequently, in my webcam shots, I used the lasso tool Image to crop my facial expressions out.


Once I had the appropriate “marching ants” selection surrounding my face, I used the Copy shortcut keystrokes(Windows: ctrl-c)

Then I clicked in Photoshop on the phototab I want to add these images to…I hit the Paste shortcut keystrokes (windows: ctrl v).

I repeated this twice so I could import both facial expressions.

I selected (clicked on) the layer of my webcam pics I imported into the fried eggs picture; at the top of the layer menu, I selected a 70% opacity. I also changed the lighting effects to “soft light.” This menu is right next to the opacity option.

Now the upper layer matches the undertone of the egg. I also double clicked on the layer, to open the special effects tools, and added a yellow color overlay(at 30% opacity)  to match the egg yolk.

This is the final result:


To see the other pics I created, you can download a ZIP file of them: Click here


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  1. This is a very helpful DIY post — the blogger guides the reader through each step and uses images to clarify (even with the most basic steps, such as identifying the “lasso” tool). One thing I would hope to see more of would be actual images of the menus once you double-click on the layers, because I am a visual learner, but this is not entirely necessary because the text guides you through each step. The only other question I have is how to know what % color overlay to use, or how to match the selection to the background image — is there is an easier way than just guess/check method? Other than that, I would feel very confident following these instructions to create my own eggfaces or the like.

  2. Best Style

    -Sarah Cinski

  3. Best overall
    -Joe Laudato

  4. This post was probably the best overall, because it shows every step from beginning to end with an end result.
    -Zack Hall

  5. This is the best overall because it’s both informational and entertaining/fun to follow!

    – Melissa

  6. Best overall
    -Paul Pezzimenti

  7. best overall

  8. best style
    -Nikki Abban

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