Properties Bar in Dreamweaver

I’ve found that the properties bar in dreamweaver can be a huge help in expediting the css or photo editing process. For css, the properties bar allows you plenty of options to chance your font or background. Also, for photo editing, when viewing your picture in split or design, you can make changes fairly easily. Just select the picture you want to edit. Look for the properties bar at the bottom of the page. The properties allow you to make large or small adjustments to many of the features within the photo. You can also change height/width and other adjustments when viewing the code but the properties bar definitely helps as well.

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~ by plb20 on January 21, 2013.

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  1. It is useful information, but seems more of a general synopsis of what the program can do, rather than actual instructions. Being unfamiliar with the program, I do not completely understand what is being said. Because of the lack of instruction it sounds more of a sales pitch on using the program, rather than a how to.

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