Adding Text to Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words…This is true but sometimes adding words (text) to a picture helps tell a very specific story. For example looking at the following photos you may see a few glass jars filled with green juice or a nutribullet with cups waiting to be filled with green juice.

Once I added in text using Photoshop the pictures now tell a very specific story. The pictures now showcase that glass mason jars are the best way to store your green juices and that a nutribullet is my preferred juice extractor to use in making green juices. Adding text to my photos helped pinpoint the specific story I was trying to tell with my pictures.



How to add text to an image using Photoshop:

First you want to open your image in Photoshop and select the “Type Tool.” The “Type Tool” gives you the option for horizontal type or vertical type. Once you select from the vertical or horizontal options you point your curser on the portion of the image you wish to place your text. Once you select the location you wish to place your text you can start typing your message. Next, you can select from many options on the top toolbar. You will be able to change the font style, font size, font color and text alignment. Now your picture has text!

Another feature offered on the text tool bar is “Create Warped Text.” This feature allows you to wrap your text into a variety of shapes. To do this you will need to use your curser to highlight the text on the image and select “Create Warped Text” from the top text toolbar. Once you select this option it will give you a list of styles your text can be wrapped into. I chose the “Flag” style for my glass mason jar image and the “Squeeze” style for my nutribullet image.

I am now left with two pictures that tell the exact story I want them to and I was able to do it by creating the text into a design that complements the images.



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