Black and White Background, Color Focus

In trying to highlight one specific element of a photo, there are many effects and techniques that can be used to get this look across.  One way to do so is by creating a black and white background, while leaving the color in the focus of the image.  It is actually really simple to do this using Photoshop, as I found this week.

Using any of the selection tools (the lasso is my favorite), select the part of your image in which you want to keep the color intact.  Then, click “Select” at the top of the screen, and from that menu, “Inverse”.

Clicking the “New Adjustment Layer” menu  and then “Black & White” will be the final step to adding this effect to your photo.

This is a really great way to make one element of a photo pop.  It can drastically change the focus of the image or the way someone looks at it.  It’s also pretty simple to do, perfect for new Photoshop users.


~ by meh109 on January 28, 2013.

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