Playing with Filters in Photoshop

Filters are a nice tool in photoshop that can create special visual effects on your image.

The only way to truly learn filters is to play with them, which is what I did for my ‘strange photos’ this week. I will share what I learned.

All of the filters are accessible through the “filters” dropdown on Photoshop.  If you click on “Filter Gallery”, you can get a live preview of how your image will look after the filter is applied, rather than just applying them randomly.  This is helpful for tuning how you want the filter to process your image.

The rest of the filters there can be used to generate noise or static in your image, or sharpen and contrast it.  You can use the “Render” selection to do just that; Render a fake lens flare, clouds, or lighting in your image.  This is helpful if you need additional post-processing with your image.

I like the effects produced by the filters, and I used strictly filters in processing my images for this week.

-Zack Hall


~ by zjh7cdm on January 28, 2013.

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