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So as I mentioned in class last week I really wanted to figure out how to insert pictures in my blog post.  Apparently Pete already did that, but I didn’t really learn anything else that I feel comfortable attempting to teach the class.

I also have a mac computer, and I prefer to use the code Command-Shift-4 which allows you to select certain portions of your screen if you won’t want to include a full screen shot. Like I demonstrated here:



After you take your picture, it will appear on the right hand side of your desktop as my picture illustrates.  In order to include your picture in your post, you hit in the “insert photo” button next to where you place your title.  You will then be prompted to your finder which should automatically take you to your desktop folder:Image



…however if it doesn’t then just open that folder and you’ll find your screen shot.  Again I’m sorry you had to read the same post twice, but this is what I learned this week. 

-Sarah Cinski


~ by sec86 on January 28, 2013.

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