Selective Desaturation Photoshop

You ever see those pictures that are all black and white then they have just the one thing stand out in color. You ever wonder how they do that.? Don’t wonder anymore.

Ok first thing obviously get the photo you wanna “desaturate”


Then you are going to want to duplicate the layer by doing CTRL+J over on the right



After you have created the new layer you are going to want to go to Image>Adjustments>Replace ColorImage

After you click replace color a new box is going to pop up and you are going to want to have the second eyedropper looking thing clicked with the plus sign by it. Then you are going to want to change the fuzziness to around 110 it doesn’t really matter as long as its in that range. Then you are going to want to decrease the Saturation all the way to -100.



After you are at this step you are going to just want to click around the image and get rid of any of the color that you don’t want to give you the effect your looking for. You are going to want to bring the fuzziness down more and more as you go to get the details correct because the more you decrease the fuzziness the more colors will show up in the image.


Then you want to click ok, and it is then just like having another layer effect on your image.





-Paul Pezzimenti



~ by pezz24 on January 28, 2013.

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