Adding Age to an Image

Black & White and Sepia filters are often used to bring a different feeling to pictures. These filters often make pictures appear older than what they actually are, but following these steps will a low you to add more age to your pictures. The first step is to open the picture you wish to edit in photoshop. This is the original image I will be using.


After I open the image up in Photoshop the first thing I do is adjust the levels and curves so that the starting image will look better. This is what my picture now looks like after this step. (Hint:levels and curves can be found by going to the top panel clicking image->adjustments->levels or curves)

Next I changed the lighting of the picture. I wanted to change the lighting to draw more attention to my face in the picture. In order to this I went to filter->render->lighting effects. Once in the lighting effects panel I chose the spot option and adjusted it to highlight the portion of the picture I wanted to be lighter. Before doing this I also adjusted the color of my light. The color number I used was #dd884e.


After adding the lighting effects my this is what my picture looked like.step5

Before proceeding I decided I wanted to add a border around my picture. My border was a light cream colored. After adding a border to my picture I decided to add texture. To add texture I found a picture of crumbled paper to lay over the picture.


Once you have found a paper image you like. Add it to photoshop on a new layer that is above both your border and your original picture. After adding this layer change the layers blending option to overlay. Your picture should now look similar to this:


After adding the paper to the picture you should then change the image to black and white. To do this make sure the layer with the original image is selected, then go to images->adjustments->gradient map and chose the black and white gradient. This is what your image should then look like:


Next you want to duplicate this layer. This can be done by simply clicking on the layer and then pressing ctrl-J. After duplicating the layer you need to add a Gaussian  blur. To do this go to filters->blur->Gaussian blur. (make sure you are on the duplicate layer) Set your blur somewhere between 4 -12. I set mine at 8.8.


Lower the opacity of this layer between 35-60 percent. I used a 46% opacity.

For the last step go back to the layer with the original image. This step can be skipped if you want a black and white image, but I wanted to add a sepia like color to my picture because I think it it makes the picture look older. After selecting the layer return to the lighting effects panel by going to filter->render->lighting effects this time you will use the same color as last time, but instead of the spot option chose infinite. For this step you can adjust the settings to your likings but for my picture I used the following settings

Intensity: 52


Gloss: -33


Final Result


-Aisha Hughes



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