Makin it Snow -Tyler Allen

Have you ever wished it was snowing without all the cold? Well… that probably will not happen, but you can pretend like it did. This tutorial will show you how to make a snow effect using photoshop.


(Starting Photo)


Step 1 – use command+J to add a new layer to the photo

Step 2- Go to edit and choose the fill effect to make this layer black


Step 3-Go to Filter located on the top tool bar, and choose noise.


Set this between 120% and 150%, checking the monochromatic and gaussian options.

Step 4-Go to filter and choose the blur more option, this will help clump together some of the white noise.


Step 5-Go to filter and choose pixelate->crystalize setting it between 8 and 10. (This can only be done on pictures with decent quality as it will make lower quality pictures far too pixelated.)

Step 6-change the layer type to screen. This will eliminate all the black from this layer.


Step 7-Go to Filter->Blur->Motion Blur and set set this at an angle. (a sharper angle will make it look more windy.)

Step 7 – Duplicate this layer and go to Layer->Transform->Rotate flipping the layer to make the snow look more sporadic. Hit enter when done rotating to exit feature.

Step 8-You made it snow



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