HTML coding that you may or may not have known

These are some html tricks that you may not have known that I think could be useful.

<i>This is italicized text</i>

<strong>This is bold text</strong>

<u>Underlines text</u>

<blockquote>This will make your text look like the underneath picture</blockquote>



stands for “horizontal rule” – it could be helpful if you want to separate something that is on the same page it looks like thisImage

some things to note about the <hr> tag; you can manipulate the width and thickness and color of the line with these indicators inside of the <hr> tag.

size (thickness) this will be in a number just like font sizes i.e size=”10″;

width (length across page) this has to be in percent form to show how much of the screen you want to take up with your <hr> i.e width=”50%”

color – this is just like the font tag; you just have to put the color you want or hex code for the color i.e color=”blue”

and you don’t need a close tag or anything else because this tag requires nothing else just itself

so a final <hr> tag could look like this <hr size=”12″ width=”75%” color=”red”>

-Paul Pezzimenti


~ by pezz24 on February 4, 2013.

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