Website Accessories: Twitter Widget

When editing my website, I often visit other websites across the internet in order to brainstorm for new ideas. One of the cool additions that I found you can include in your website is the twitter widget.  There are two main things this twitter widget allows for. First, it  displays  a list of any recent tweets that you have sent out. Also, it allows visitors of the website to communicate with you via twitter. Below is a screen shot of what this widget looks like, which is a window of what will be displayed on the site:



In order to do this, you must first log into twitter and access the settings menu. Once on the settings page, in the left hand column, there is a column of options. Next, click the link titled widget. Now click the new widget button which will bring you to a screen that look likes this:


At this screen you are able to customize certain design features such as the height, theme, and color. The most important thing to do at this screen, is to make sure you include the address(URL) of the website you wish to use this widget on. After this, you simply have to hit the create widget button at the button of the screen. From here, you will be provided with the generated HTML for your widget. All you have left to do is copy the html, and paste it in your own html file, where you would like the widget to be displayed.


-Frank Dyska


~ by fdyska on February 11, 2013.

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