Radioactive/General Glow

So, you wanna look like you are about to be a super-hero or villian? well here is how and it is super simple. First, take a pic of yourself.

ImageAs you will see if you already look sick the radioactivity will be much more believable. Next, go to layer and make a new empty layer.


Now using the paint feature, choose a color that you think shows radioactivity (hint:green), and paint over the area you want to look cool and stuff.


Make this layer type an overlay layer, and add as much guasian blur as it take to get a glow looking effect. Make sure you do this to only the layer with the green paint, so not to blur the actual image.


Copy this layer (cntrl+j) until it is as green as you want it, then go to filter->artistic->neon glow and add this effect to the top layer. When done you should look pretty much like you fell into toxic waste.



This effect can be used to put a color glow onto any object. It is good for emphasis or just making things look odd. Have fun.




~ by allentyler2991 on February 12, 2013.

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