Workin’ them Curves

So this will be a really simple tutorial as it is just going to show how to get the “rectangles everywhere feel out of the basic html set-up. This tutorial will show how to make a border that is curved using css. First, make the border by assigning a border in css to the designated sections. In my case I made one for the h1 section and div sections of my website. Image This border is made by designating type, color, and width. h1{border:inset;border-color:#999;width:1200px}. Now to make it look better, with the command “border-radius,” this can be used to add rounded borders. So, essentially the code looks like this:


The higher the number after the command the more curved the corners will be. In the end you should have added some curves to your website, getting away from the boring solid rectangle designs.





~ by allentyler2991 on February 12, 2013.

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