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With our audio projects upcoming, I figured I’d share with you a program I’ve used for the past few years that I find pretty manageable and straightforward. If you’re a bit inexperienced with editing audio, this could be a great introduction. It’s called audacity and can be downloaded for free from this site: 

It might be more limiting than soundbooth or audition but for simply editing and compiling basic audio files, like we’ll need for tomorrow’s class, audacity is definitely the way I go. 


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  1. Although I found your suggestion for an alternative to soundbooth helpful, I don’t find it very provocative. I would have liked to receive some input from you on what you think of audacity, and how it compares with other programs, aside from being more “straightforward”. It also would have been appealing to hear a sound clip you created using audacity, that you could have compared with another sound clip you created using soundbooth or audition.

    Sarah Cinski

  2. I agree with Sarah, I would have liked more detail. I think this was a very quick suggestion, but it would be more helpful to know what you thought of specific features of the program or maybe a tutorial on how to use it. In fact, this could be a “provocative” post if you would take a firmer stance on which program to use and when.

    Melissa Dias-Mandoly

  3. I would agree with what Sarah has said, it is a good suggestion with no real reason as to why we should consider the switch. Also I believe it was something that was gone over in class so its almost just reiterating something that we could have already known.

  4. Just the title of the program shouldn’t constitute an entire blog post. You would be better served in introducing the program and then following up with some similarities/differences in the basic functions of the program compared to its equivalents.

  5. I would add a little more content, perhaps a reason to use the program rather than just suggesting it. If a list of features was given it would be a lot more interesting.

  6. Least provocative; this blog post merely refers the reader to a website without describing how to accomplish a specific task. If a certain goal were aimed toward inside or about Audacity, it would give this post the direction that it lacks. A comparison of Audacity to other, non-open source programs would also give the post more purpose than generally spreading the word about this program.

    Joe Laudato

  7. I thought that this was least provocative because it left me wanting more information about audacity. I think that screen shots of what the program looks like would have been a nice touch as well as a tutorial of how to actually use the program. I think it was a good introduction to audacity but I really was interested to learn more.

    -Nikki A

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