Commenting in Web Design/Development

Commenting is a helpful design method of communicating code author’s intentions and goals. For many Commenting is a way for future code editors to know what exactly was designed by the author. Users may also include helpful tips for their own use.

In javascript, commenting can be accommodated via the “//” signifier. So, to write a message to yourself or another designer you place // in front of the text you wish to avoid being processed for viewers. These javascript code signifiers will only work between <script></script> tags.


In HTML, you may use “<–“and “–>” as ends between the comments. This method is also used when you want to identify relevant document file locations.


In CSS, just as in Javascript, Commenting can be achieved via “/*” and “*/” paragraph signifiers.



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3 Responses to “Commenting in Web Design/Development”

  1. I think this is the not very provocative just because it is not that useful. Maybe it is because it is something that I already know, but even though I do know it, I don’t really use it in our projects. If I were doing something like writing a code for a program or something that is where I would find comment lines useful not so much in layout and design.

  2. Least provocative; the information covered in this blogpost, while useful, is extremely basic. The entirety of the blog post could be learned a few minutes into a more comprehensive, general guide to HTML. This how-to doesn’t stand on its own, because its content is basic enough to serve as a supplement to a broader how-to.

    -Joe Laudato

  3. While helpful and easily understood, the topic doesn’t really lend itself to actually achieving a goal, which I believe makes it less interesting. It is more of a “do this,” than a “how to,” in other words. To fix this I would expand on how to utilize this to “pretty up” the code, to make it easier for yourself to manage because that adds importance to the information already provided.


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