Experimenting with Audio: Effects in Audition

Since we are playing a lot with Photoshop and learning how to make strange photos, I thought I’d play around with Audition to see if I could make strange sounds. And I could.

So first things first, import the audio files by clicking the second file folder icon:Image

Now, select one of the files so that it shows up in the timeline:


Now, I like to use the Effects Rack because it has pre-set effects:


If it is not showing on the left-hand side already, or if you do not want to use the presets, you can simply choose the Effects option at the top of the window and either select or deselect the Show Effects Rack:


I’ve chosen the preset Weaponized Effects here:


This drastically changes the sound of my original clip, and if that’s not what you want, you can deselect certain filters by pressing the green power button:


You can create your own custom presets as well, just by clicking the icon next to the preset window:


Then you must select Apply for it to make the changes to your clip.

One of my favorite effects is Reverb. Audition has many different options. Here I’ve chosen the Surround Reverb effect:Image

Under Reverb Settings, I can change the Impulse:


Here I can make the audio file sound as if it were recorded somewhere else!

There are a million other ways to play with effects, but these are what I’ve been playing with the most so far, and I think the Reverb effects might be helpful for spicing up any interviews or spoken word.

— Melissa

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3 Responses to “Experimenting with Audio: Effects in Audition”

  1. I liked this one the best this week. One aspect of the blog I liked was the well defined screen shots. Your screen shots especially for the Effects Rack area should only the area that needed to be focused on and were big enough for me to see. I also liked how you told us how to get the effects rack if it doesn’t show up. Having this step there leaves no room for us to make a mistake by not knowing where the effects rack is. Lastly, I like how the steps only had one line that got the point across, it saved me a lot of time reading and I could just focus on the pictures.

  2. This blog post is the most interesting of this week’s because it aspires to distort audio files in a similar fashion to that of Photoshopping strange images. Aside from the interesting topic choice, the presentation of the how-to is laid out neatly with plenty of images that clearly highlight the tracks through Audition of the original poster. However, as audio is being meddled with rather than image, the inclusion of audio in this post would better display the final project of this Audition experiment.

    -Joe Laudato

  3. This post has an excellent and relevant topic, and is structured with a detailed and easy to follow step by step. It is pretty clear that you took the time to experiment with this, and present readers with numerous options and explorations. Overall, I just think a lot of time, effort, and experimenting was put into creating this post.

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