Photoshop Effects: Colored Water

For one picture in my strange picture collection, I wanted to see if I could give a waterfall a “blood”-like look to give it a creepy vibe. 

First, I start with a picture I’ve taken of a small waterfall while hiking in an area on the outskirts of Rochester, NY. Our first step will be to add a new layer and paint in that layer over the water with our color of choice.

Image`                             “Image

As you can see it isn’t important to be exact in filling in the color, as long as the majority of the water area is covered. Next, we change the blending property of the layer to “Soft Light”, as seen in the image below.



Lastly, use the “Gaussian Blur” tool – found in the “Blur” menu under the “Filter” option in the toolbar – to smooth the edges of the added color layer and give the photo a more realistic look. Play around with the blurring radius option until you feel it feels as natural as possible (I settled on a radius of 8.6, so don’t feel that it needs to be a whole number).



~ by kareemhkandil on February 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Photoshop Effects: Colored Water”

  1. I think this topic was covered in depth in earlier blog posts, so it may be redundant. I do think the use of screenshots was helpful. And you attempted to make the waterfall into a blood-pool is a novel idea, creative.

  2. While the technique may have been repetitive, your example was extremely innovative. I was immediately drawn to your images. They were a good size, and I liked how you showed us the image alone, not just while it was being edited. Not only did your images guide us through the steps of layering, but your text did as well, which I appreciated.

    Sarah Cinski

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