Sample a Color from anywhere on your screen

If you ever liked a color from a different website, but never could get it to be a perfect match, then there is a solution for you in Photoshop. For example if I really liked the blue from the Bills logo and couldn’t get it the right shad, all you have to do is get the eyedropper tool and you can pick a color from anywhere, not just in the Photoshop application. You have to click inside the photoshop workspace first and then drag over to whatever color you want. Then you have the hex number and can utilize that color in your website or where ever else you want it.Image


It is really that easy.

-Paul Pezzimenti


~ by pezz24 on February 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sample a Color from anywhere on your screen”

  1. This post is very useful, as colors are hard to replicate offhand (especially when attempting to conjure a hex code from color values.) If you see a color you really wish to use and blend with other’s, sometimes it is hard to get it to be exact. This tool built in to photoshop doesn’t stand out, and telling people about it could help people with color choice.
    It might also be helpful to tie in other color tools, too, instead of just a color picker. There are many tools available on the web for choosing and mixing colors.

    -Zack Hall

  2. While I agree that this post is helpful, I think it could be more helpful: tie in other color tools like Zack said, or even other tools that can be used outside of the Photoshop window. Or maybe explain what that huge circle actually does/means. It is well written and the picture helps explain what you’re talking about, but I think this is just one small tid-bit of information that could be expanded.

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