Getting sounds for your soundscape

With the audio project at our feet, I feel it would be good to show how to locate and crop sounds for your soundscapes. At first, I googled sounds and this was good for unspecific sounds, but usually had me combing through a very long list of slightly different sounds for one that fit.

The alternative I found to this is either recording your own (time consuming, but a very exact option), or the one I will discuss, pulling sounds off youtube.

Now, you probably have done this to take music, but it is also very valuable for putting together mixes or taking out sounds that you need for soundscapes.

First, google a youtube video of exactly what sound you need, in my case it was a person yelling “SHUT UP!,” and I found this famous movie clip that was perfect.


Now I just have to get it from youtube into RockBand, and to do this I google “youtube converter” and get tons of options. I went with, and all you have to do is take the url of the video, and put it into this thing on the website.


This will give you an mp3 file that can be drag and dropped into RockBand (or other audioediting program) where it can be cropped and edited to make the levels blend with your soundscape.


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  1. This is a great post, relevant to the topic at hand. Very informative, not too technical and great for a novice to learn about.

  2. I found this blog post to be in line with where we are in this class at this time. This is simply explained and a great use of images to help someone follow these steps for their own soundscape.

  3. This is a relevant post about a creative idea that’s explained concisely and quite well. It’s detailed enough to get the instruction across but not too complex to confuse anyone.

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