Fading In and Out

If you’re making a strange soundscape that incorporates a lot of tracks, and you don’t want them to appear so suddenly, you can try using the Fade In/Out tools. 

I like to have more creative control, so I use this box in the corner of my Waveform window:



You can click and drag this box to the right and it will apply a fade for the length of your choosing. You can also manipulate the fade by, as you’re dragging, moving your mouse vertically on the window. If you keep your mouse near the top, it will cap the higher sounds. The same goes for the bottom. 



If you want to apply this fade in the Multitrack session, you can either use the same box, or you can select Clip > Fade In:


You can also right-click on the Fade icon on the clip itself and you’ll be presented with the same options:



Just beware: when using these controls, the length of the fade-in is automatically determined. You can still change it before applying them to the clip, but if you are looking to do a very specific fade in/out, you’d be better off clicking and dragging the box yourself.

And, as always, if you don’t like the fade or made a mistake, just head over to the history box and select the last action:




Now you can mix multiple tracks without too many sounds happening at once or appearing too suddenly!


— Melissa


~ by mdiasmandoly on February 24, 2013.

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