Audition vs. Audacity for Podcasts

My sound piece is a basic podcast, which left me wondering if Audition or Audacity would be the better editor.  I originally thought that the Audacity’s simplicity would entice me, however I promised myself last week that I would stop taking the easy route. 

I just downloaded the free trial of Adobe Audition, and I believe I made the right choice.

With Audition you can easily set the exact bit rate and sampling rate of an mp3 file when you come to export your audio to that format, which is essential for a class such as ours where our sound pieces need to be compatible for all internet servers.  

Additional reasons I’m switching to Audition for podcasts…

1. I can add effects to tracks or sections without changing my actual audio

2. Audition processes live instead of changing my raw audio, making my project folders on average 1/3 the size of Audacity’s.  Also important for the size capacity allotted by WinSCP

3. You can place markers in your audio, which makes makes spot editing much easier, and allows for more subtlety when I mark something to edit-in a conversation with cohorts or interviewee’s.  

*It is important to keep in mind that working with a simpler sound shouldn’t mean a simpler editor.  


~ by sec86 on February 25, 2013.

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