Easy fade in fade out transition

I was just messing around with the Audition multitrack and I found out about a really easy transition that fades out one section of a track and fades in the next section that you have.

So you start with your first clip you and get your second clip on the same line.Image

Then all you have to do is slide the second clip over the first one.



After that you can mess with the yellow lines to change how you want it to fade in and out. if you want the first one stay louder at first then fade out hard you can do that or vice versa and anything in between.


This is just a real quick transition if you have some extra time at the end of one of your clips and you wanted to get rid of some of the extra time and have a smooth transition into the next part of your audio. Not very difficult to do but it could potentially be pretty useful.


-Paul Pezzimenti


~ by pezz24 on February 25, 2013.

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