Talk fast like “The Micro Machines Man”

I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with “The Micro Machines Man” but he was famous for his rapid speech delivery.  He appeared on several commercials in the ’80s and was in The Guinness Book or World Records as the Worlds Fastest Talker.

Today you do not have to be the world’s fastest talker to land a gig as a fast talker such as disclaimers at the end of commercials.  Anyone can sound like the fastest talker once their audio clip is edited.

Using Soundbooth I recorded myself reciting the ingredients and directions needed to make super green juice.  Since I was reading this off of notepaper my sound clip was slow and very long.  I wanted to speed my speech up but did not want to re record it over and over.  By using “Change Pitch and Timing”  I was able to do this without re recording myself at a faster speed.

First you want to have your audio clip open in studio booth.

Second you select “Task” on the top toolbar and from there select “Change Pitch and Timing”

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.29.54 PM

You can change the timing to slow down the audio by increasing time or you can speed up the audio (which is what I was looking to do) by decreasing the time.

Once I decreased my time I selected OK and listened to my audio track.

My audio still sounded like my voice but the speed in which I was talking was much faster!

PS: I had way to much fun speeding this up and listening to myself talk super fast!




~ by adz122013 on February 25, 2013.

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