Tools in Audacity to improve your sound clips

Hey guys,

If you’re still choosing to use audacity to edit your sound clips, here’s a couple of tips to help improve the quality of your soundscape. 

First, if you want to change the magnitude of the sound of your clip, simply highlight the portion of the clip you want to work with, then at the top of your audacity window, go to the Effect tab and select amplify, the first option.



After amplify, you’ll see this new box pop up:


You can set the dB level to whatever you feel is right for your project.

Also under the Effect tab is something called Fade Out. If it works for whatever your project might be, adding a fade out at the end of someone speaking or to transition from one sound to the next can really tighten up a sound project. 


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~ by plb20 on February 25, 2013.

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