Browser Compatibility Reference

In class, I know we addressed the issue of not all internet browsers being compatible with all types of sound files. Obviously this has the potential to be an issue for people viewing your website. Since it seems like no one else has posted a solution(unless I’m missing it), I created a table with excel that can be used as a quick reference

There are three major extensions for sound files: .mp3,    .wav,    .ogg.
There are four major web browsers that will be considered: FireFox(3.6), Internet Explorer(9), Chrome(6), Safari(5)
The compatibility is as follows


As you can see, there is no universally accepted type of sound file.  If trying to cover all four browsers, the best option seems to be using a .mp3 file with either a .wav or .ogg file.

Hope this helps.



~ by fdyska on February 26, 2013.

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