Saving in Ogg

By: Tyler Allen

This week I had trouble getting my audio to play in Firefox and Opera because GarageBand and Soundbooth for Mac would not let me save in the “.ogg” format used by these browsers.


So, what was I to do. The answer was simple find some free software that converts audio files.

First, we need to get our piece out of garageband, which can be confusing because we do not want to “save” the file, but rather “share” the file with itunes giving us a “.m4a.”


Then, we download the software “MediaHuman Audio Converter,” which can be found using google.

After, this software is installed and opened it will give you a screen that looks like this:


Drag and drop your .m4a file from the “finder” program in your music folder which will be titled unless otherwise labled “Username’s Album,” where username is the one logged on to the computer.

When, done converting click the magnifying glass button and it will take you directly to the wanted file.

~ by allentyler2991 on February 26, 2013.

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