Backmasking in Audacity

“Backmasking” is a term for when Audio Engineers and Music Producers incorporate subliminal and reversed hidden messages in album tracks. Many artists/bands would place hidden messages in attempt to develop ambiance, humor, or mischief for hard core fans and detractors. These tracks would often illicit public responses such as laughter, curiosity, and even fear of satanic influences. The Beatles used these subliminal messages as a means of controversy for increased media coverage and thus record sales.


Music historians cite the Beatles popularized this technique with such songs as “Revolution 9.”

Song Link: Click Here

The song was an artistic attempt describing the 60’s Counter Culture Revolution. John Lennon developed the song with multilayer tracks of overdubbed vocals, loops of speech, and musical performances modified with sound effects such as: reversal, echo, distortion, stereo panning, and fading.

So for this DIY, I used audacity as a tool to decode and listen to “backmasking” or other subliminal messages hidden in “Revolution 9.”

I first loaded “Revolution 9” into Audacity.


Then I selected the audio track, and clicked on the Imagemenu, and then I selected the “reversal” feature.



Afterwards, I exported the file.

Here is the reversed track: Link

You can try using audacity to listen to other “backmasking” tracks. For your convenience, a list of artists and songs are provided Here.


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