Deja Video: Blending Clips

So my first digicomp post was about blending images in Photoshop, and now I will teach you a very simple way to quickly blend clips in Premiere Pro.

Start out by dragging one of the clips over to the timeline:



I used two separate clips here because my second layer is longer. When dragging the second clip over, make sure it sits outside of this first clip:


If you want to cut a clip, select the razor tool:



And then splice the clip wherever you want. Anyway, back to blending! You’ll want to double click on one of the clips so that it appears in the middle window:


(Here I’ve already unlinked and deleted the audio that I didn’t want to use, which I’ve explained in a previous post.) Now that your video is in the middle window, select the “Effect Controls” tab:


Now you can use the Opacity controls to lower the percentage:



The changes will appear in the right-hand window! 

Just be careful not to go too overboard, as I have the tendency of doing. I’ve uploaded an example of what might have too many blended layers of images that aren’t visually compatible here. There are a few moments that I really like, but be careful especially with motion (one clip is of a car driving forward and the other clip is of buildings moving the opposite direction) because it might just end up giving the viewer a headache.


— Melissa


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