How to Deepen Your Voice in Audacity

This week, I wanted to record an intro to my audio project.  I recorded and used my own voice, but it didn’t sound epic enough for what I was attempting to accomplish.  I decided that I needed to deepen my voice, to give it a booming and intimidating effect.

Using audacity, I played around with the effects until I stumbled across the “Change pitch” effect.  This tool worked perfectly for what I was attempting to accomplish!

Under effects -> Change Pitch… you will get this menu:


From there, to lower or deepen your voice, change the “Percent Change” to a negative number.  Or, if you desire to heighten your voice, make it a positive number.  In my experience, anything under -15 or above 15 is too much, and distorts your voice too much.

This tool is excellent for helping you modify your voice to achieve a pitch or tone you cannot on your own!



~ by zjh7cdm on March 4, 2013.

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