I had trouble finding something to post this week, but I guess this will do. This is how to make a section of a video in slow motion in AfterEffects.

First, we import the clip and right click on it, choosing “time >enable time remapping.”


Next, we select where we want the slow motion and put key frames at the beginning and end of that point. Then, click Image this button. (Check to make sure the graph it brings you to is labeled seconds/second)

looks like:


Now, grab on the line to the right of both points,while holding shift and drag to the right. This should create a U looking shape and then you are done. (the deeper the “U” the slower the motion, play with it to make sure you are not losing frames.)



now ya got slow-mo, woohoo.



~ by allentyler2991 on March 5, 2013.

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