Creating an animated gif using Adobe Premiere

Animated gifs are useful in that they store what is essentially video data into a small image. Granted, one should not be making animated gifs out of entire feature length movies, but for small clips they can be a very useful format. You can create an animated gif from a movie clip using the following steps:

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere and import your desired video from the hard drive.
  2. Select the desired starting time for your gif and click the “Mark In” button beneath the Source preview player. Similarly denote the end time for your gif using the “Mark Out” button
  3. Click and drag the thumbnail image in the source preview player to the timeline
  4. Press “ctrl” and “M” to open the “export settings” window. Click the “format” drop-down option and select “animated GIF”
  5. Click export and save the resulting gif to your hard drive

~ by kareemhkandil on March 18, 2013.

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