Extracting audio from a video file

Using the current adobe suite of products, there are two relatively simple methods of extracting audio from a video file based on which program you’d like to use:

Using Adobe Audition

  1. Run the program
  2. Select “Open Audio from Video” under the “File” option in the menu bar
  3. Select the desired video file from the drive
  4. The audio will be placed in the edit window, and can then be saved as the preferred file type

Using Adobe Premiere 

  1. Open the program
  2. Import the target video file using the “Import” function under the “File” menu
  3. Drag the video file from the project window to the timeline
  4. Under the “File” menu, select “Export time line” and then “Audio”
  5. Choose your preferred audio format

After using your preferred method, remember to save the file to an easily accessible space under an easy to remember file name




~ by kareemhkandil on March 18, 2013.

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