Selecting Objects in Photoshop

Selecting and isolating objects in an image is how singular objects in an image are modified in photoshop. There are several ways selections can be made in photoshop, and listed below are the distinct ways to make selections, and the benefits and drawbacks of each one:

1. For a consistently colored object, the magic wand tool lets you select the entire object. First, select the magic wand tool in the menu on the left. Enter a tolerance value between 0 to 255. The lower the value, the more constricted the tool will be in selecting pixel colors varying from the initial selection point. Select “contiguous” to select only adjacent areas with the same color, otherwise all pixels will be selected. Now just click the desired area to select the object.

2. For a less homogenously colored object that still has distinct edges on a high-contrast background, you can use the magnetic lasso tool. Select the tool, then click on the image to set the first fastening point, which anchors the selection border. Now continue to draw a freehand selection, at which point the border should snap to the desired edge.

3. If the edge is less distinct, a regular lasso tool can be used. This is used in pretty much the same way as the magnetic lasso tool, but there is no anchoring point and there is less leeway to stray with the freehand selection before the border is no longer recognized by the program. If at all possible, try to use the magnetic lasso tool. 

4. For specific polygonal shapes, the marquee selection tools can be used. Simply select the tool to your desired shape and click and drag it over the desired area.



~ by kareemhkandil on March 18, 2013.

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