Using Adobe Illustrator to Create Fill-In Text Patterns

Say you are designing a stylized poster for a movie or other event. Though you could use Photoshop, another one of their popular products, Illustrator, may be more suited for the task. To create text with a “filled-in” pattern, follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Create a new document in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Select the type tool on the left hand menu and type out your desired text, and then select the font and font size for the text.
  3. Place an image of the desired fill-in pattern by selecting “Place and select a picture” under the “File” menu. 
  4. Copy and paste the desired text onto the pattern picture.
  5. Select the “create outline” option under the “type” menu, and then right click and select the “ungroup” option.
  6. Select the “pathfinder” tool and select “add to shape area” and choose “expand”. After selecting the desired area, right click and select “make clipping mask”
  7. Your text should now change from its default color to the pattern of the image it was placed over.

~ by kareemhkandil on March 18, 2013.

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