Using tables in html

Current schools of thought in web design towards use of tables in html can generally be summarized as “NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT IT”. Barring this extreme, however, tables do in fact have an intended functionality within website layout, and that is to display tabular data.

For an easier distinction of when to use and when not to use tables, see the two below examples:

1. Mark wants to divide three sections of his websites into the format seen below:



Mark should not use tables as this is not tabular data, but should instead use <div> tags. The easy way to distinguish this is the lack of consistent columns in the data.

2. Anthony wants to layout a section of his website as seen below:


As you can see there are consistent columns to this layout, and thus it can be considered tabular.

When actually creating a table, begin by initiating the table and defining a border:

      <table border = “1”>

Next use <tr> to define each individual row of the table and <td> tags within each row to define each cell in that row.


~ by kareemhkandil on March 18, 2013.

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