Video Conversion

One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered is the number of file types that can only be read in certain browsers.

Here in table format, is the breakdown of filetypes that can be read in various browsers and devices.

Browser MP4 WebM Ogg
Internet Explorer 9+ YES NO NO
Chrome 6+ YES YES YES
Firefox 3.6+ NO YES YES
Safari 5+ YES NO NO
Opera 10.6+ NO YES YES
*Iphone YES NO NO
*Android YES YES NO
Number of devices/browsers: 5 4 3


It can be a daunting experience to try to accommodate such a wide variety of formats; designers have to provide alternative methods for each browser. So far, the majority of devices can view MP4. But in rare cases, you might have to provide another file for browsers such as Firefox or Opera. In such instances, the technological demand of the repeat visitors to your site may dictate trends you must follow. In other words, a demographic analysis may show the majority of users navigating your site technologically differ than what you’ve accounted for in design specs.

You have to accommodate the technology demands of visitors. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of having a web site when you skew viewership to one side of the technology spectrum.

Access to software that allows video editing and conversion can be costly and taxing on your computer processing power. It also is inconvenient to have to reuse the original design file when you have future upgrades that nullify it’s usage in future software releases. Some original design files, which are over a few years old, may not be readable by software releases and upgrades.

I found an open-source program, developed for the purpose of converting older files or even new ones without the original editing software.

A quick and easy way to convert files between formats for quick and easy management between popular video type conversions:  Miro Video Converter, link:


The program is a great resource for those who do not want to constantly rely on Adobe or other software that is quite expensive and difficult to manage.  This product is easily used, and 100% free to students and professionals without relying on the original design files or design program.


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