Video Stabilization

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, it can be quite tricky to keep a stead hand while filming.  I noticed that in my videos, which were only shots of people, the camera could become quite shaky from time to time because it was on an un-sturdy surface.  Because of this, viewers were distracted.  I needed to find out how to make the video be more stable, and discovered the warp stabilization effect in AfterEffects CS6.

Once you have the video in your project and are ready to edit it, select Animation -> Warp Stabilizer.  Then, your video will become more stable!

If you are having problems with the the edges of the video become cut off, you can change the amount of the border that it will cut or add in the Effects Controls panel.

Alternatively, youtube will automatically stabilize a video if you wish when uploading, but this is not an ideal solution on an already edited video.  Also, some programs will auto-stabilize when recording, if you were using a webcam for example.

Stabilizing really helps keep the video what you wanted, unless your intentions were for the video to be shaky.


~ by zjh7cdm on March 18, 2013.

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