Without YouTube: Video Compatibility in all browsers

One of the best parts of video project is showcasing it so everyone can see. However, when it isn’t playing on all web browsers that can  be quite disheartening. But worry not! With the right programs and understanding of web browser compatibility you can easily place your video on the web with out using Youtube. Alright let’s do this thing.

Step 1 : Know the compatibility for browsers


browser support

 If you click the pictures and enlarge then you will realize there isn’t one file that will be compatable for all browsers. What you will notice that if you create an mp4 file and an ogg file then your video will work in all browsers! Yay.

Step 2: Getting an mp4 file for your video

The program I use to get an mp4 is adobe premiere. So I will first show you how to create an mp4 through that, then later tell you other ways for those who don’t use Premiere as your editing software.

In Premiere CS6:

Once you have your video exported pay attention the format settings in the options menu. ‘

1.) For  the Format section select H.264

2.) For the Preset section I selected a Youtube video that was of lower quality so the size wouldn’t be too big. You have to scroll a lot to get there. The selection I made was YoutubeHD720p.

Note:  The lower you get in numbers the less quality it will be as well as the file size.

exportingmp4You will know that you did this right because it will read “yoursequencename.mp4”   at the  output name section.

Step 3: We are half way there, stay strong.  Getting your .ogg file.

Now that you have your .mp4  file go to media.io websiteand convert your file to an ogg. 


Step 4:  Coding the video in your html

Essentially your html should look like this.


<video width=”320″ height=”240″ controls>

<source src=”movie.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″>

<source src=”movie.ogg” type=”video/ogg”>



I like to add the div around it just so its contained.

Step 5: For those who don’t use adobe.

The best thing I can tell you is to search for an online site that will convert your original video file into an mp4 and once you get that got to medio.io.

Some sites/program that are good for converting :

Miro: it is a great program for converting files and it is free ! click here!

Zamzar: it is an online converter and it works pretty well click here!

If these don’t work for you just keep googling. Honestly, Google is your friend.

Your video should play nicely, if all browsers are up to date and if you have enough space from unix for your videos. 🙂

Good luck friends!

Nikki Abban


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