How to make a HTML table

Making a table in html is easy to do. To start off use the table tag <table>. This will create a table without a border. If you want a border, you must specify it’s width, so the tag will look like this: <table border=”1″>

Next, you will need to use the table row tag: <tr>. Rows go down vertically.

In every row, you will have data cells (columns) which go across horizontally. The tag for this will be <td> which stands for table data.

So for every row, you will start off with <tr> and add <td>cell 1</td><td> cell 2…..</td> and end each row with </tr>

Here is an example of a basic table with 2 rows and 3 data cells (columns).

<table border=”1″>


<td>row 1, 1st cell</td>

<td>row 1, 2nd cell</td>

<td>row 1, 3rd cell…</td>



<td>next row down, 1st cell</td>

<td>2nd cell..</td>

<td>3rd cell..</td>




~ by puarsh on March 24, 2013.

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