How to Apply the Cross Zoom Transition in Adobe Premiere

by Joe Laudato

This video transition effect will allow you to zoom into a specific point of your choice as one scene or image transitions to another.

One aspect of my video project seeks to give the impression of being swallowed by a crushing black abyss. I sought to apply a zoom transition in order to bolster this effect. One of the pictures within the slideshow I am using for this project has a dark circle that I intended to zoom toward, but rest assured that this effect may be applied to less ominous settings as well.


To begin with, head to the bottom-left hand corner of Premiere where you’ll find the window that contains your project files, “Media Browser,” “Info,” “Effects,” and “Markers.” Select “Effects” and scroll down to the “Video Transitions” folder. Under the “Zoom” tab you’ll find a transition effect named “Cross Zoom.”


Click and drag the text “Cross Zoom” toward your video sequence, and release your hold on the portion of video that you want to contain the transition effect. You’ll be left with a grayed out section of your video that deviates from the normal pink colour. When you select this section, you will be able to expand it by hovering your mouse over the edge of the grayed area, until your cursor becomes a red bracket with an arrow in its center. Click and drag with this red bracket to shorten or lengthen your transition’s time. If your intent is merely to zoom into the center of an image or video, then your journey is over already. But if, like in my case, you aim to zoom into a specific non-centered space, there’s a bit more you need to do.

Upon double-clicking this grayed area, the upper-left hand corner of Premiere should light up with an image akin to this:


Targeting your zoom destination is as simple as clicking and dragging the white circle in the “A” field to the point in your image that you want to zoom to. Check the “Show Actual Sources” box just under the A-B display, and then instead of displaying the letters A and B the window will display the image in your transition. When you finish this task, you should be left with a transition effect that zooms into the point that you chose. For my project, zooming into the black hole was as simple as dragging the “A” box’s circle right to it:



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