Transperent Titles in Premiere

Titles can be useful for a variety of different videos, but they can really come in handy when creating instructional or how-to videos. In videos like these there is often a lot of key information being presented, but sometimes it can be difficult to follow the words or to keep up with what is being said. Adding titles to your video can help this. In order to add a title in premier go to the top menu and select title. Doing so will lead you to another menu where you will have the option of choosing out of a  default still, roll, or crawl title.  After selecting which ever option is best for you, you will then be able to customize your title. If you are looking to make your title transparent you can do so by lowering the background opacity. The opacity controls will be found on the right side column of the title window. In the same section you can also chose to create titles without no background.

Aisha Hughes


~ by aih4 on March 25, 2013.

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