Volume Change with Audio in Adobe Premiere

I’m one of those people who really doesn’t like to look things up, especially if I feel like it’s something that I should be able to figure out if I just look around for a minute. Well for something as simple as changing the volume of audio I thought I could just figure it out. Well I didn’t and after 15 minutes I sold out and looked it up, and then after I felt like a complete idiot. There is several ways to change the volume of an audio track in Premiere, but the way I am about to explain is probably most simple and applies to just the clip that you have selected (of course you can highlight all of them if you’d like). It is very simple, you just right click the audio that you want to change and go to Audio Gain… Then a box comes up and it tells you how many decibels you want to change the desired track. Now you either put a negative number or positive number depending if you want to lower or higher the volume of the desired track. You probably will have to mess with it for a little while to get your desired volume, you probably want to change it by 5 decibels at a time because much more than that is a pretty big volume change. One tip though when changing the decibels. If i were to change a track -13 decibels and i thought that was too quiet, then I would want to ADD decibels back because the track saves the previous entry. So if i wanted to get the track to -10 decibels, I would put 3 decibels in the audio gain.

-Paul Pezzimenti


~ by pezz24 on March 25, 2013.

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